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        。采用最新的LED技木主動風冷技木;采用 航空熱管散熱,讓芯片時刻保持涼爽,最大發揮芯片照度,延長芯片壽命。四片式超淸鏡頭和獨 有的光學透鏡設計,優異的集光設計,使投影光斑更加均勻,效果更好,投射的更遠更亮。比燈杯 式聚光亮度更高,底片做的更大,投影更復雜的內容,長時間也不會影響亮度?而燈杯式聚光不均 勻,時間長了會脫膜?嚴重影響亮度。這種高清級投影設備適用于戶外或潮濕嚇境下.外置灌膠 電源95-295V寬電壓輸入,燈體低于36V供電,做到100%安全.燈具P65防水直扱用于尸外??梢?/span> 安裝在桌面,貨架,天花板或墻壁上。該投影燈非常適合在商店.餐廳,咖啡廳,茶藝店.電影院,私 會所,酒吧等場所中使用。圖案旋轉。燈貝投射方向可以任息調節,投射一個圖案,投影內容可以訂制,可以手動更換圖案片無需工具即可更換。燈具投射方問垂直90度.水平旋轉360度。

        Aluminum alloy metal shell, structural strength is very high, can chooso black silver whiio Adop' the latest LED technology, active air cooling technology fne use of Aeronautical hoat pipe hpai dissipation, so that the chip always keep cool, maximize the illumlnoiion of the chip, exlend lhe life otfhe chip. Four-piece super-dearlens and unique optical lens design, excellent light collection design, make the projection spot more uniform, better effect, projection farlher and brighter, li hasnigher brightness than the lamp cup focusing, bigger negatives, more complex proiection content and will not affect the brightness for a long lime, while the lamp cup focusinf is not uniform, ond will defilm over a long lime, seriously affecting the brightness. This high- definition projection equipment is suitable for outdoor or wet environment. External alue-filling power supply 95-295V wide voltage input, light body less than 36V power supply.
        100% safety. IP65 waterproof lamps directly used outdoors It can be installed on desktop, shelf, ceiling or wall. The projector lar very suitable for use in shops, restaurants, cafes, tea shops, cinema! private clubs, bars an er places. Patterns rotate. The projection direction of lamps and lanterns can be adjus rblirarily. A pattern can be projected. The projection content can be customized. The pattern can be replaced manually without tools. The projection direction of the lamp is 90 degrees vertical and 360 degrees horizontal.